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Knife: All players in Enemy Territory are equipped with one standard issue WW2 army knife. The Knife is mostly a last alternative for players running out of ammunition, but also the assassins' potential best friend. If you can successfully sneak up on an enemy player, you will find that a quick stab in the back can instantly kill an opponent without alerting his teamates of your presence.

Pistol: The Allies have the Colt1911 as their spare gun and the Axis have the Luger. Pistols are typically only needed when you've got no other choice, but should not be underestimated because when they are used right they are extremely deadly to your foe. Pistols have slower rate of fire than the SMG's but this can be helped by pressing the fire button rapidly instead of holding it in. The $10,000 tip when you are armed with only a pistol to defend yourself is to keep cool and aim for the opponent's head before firing you weapon. With a little practice you will see those helmets popping off in no time, which greatly increases the weapon's usefulness and does wonders for your survival rate. The Covert Ops class can also fit the pistols with a silencer. Also, with a high enough Light Weapons skill you'll find that you get to wield two pistols akimbo style. It's double the rate of fire, double the deadliness and umpteen times the fun.
Submachine Guns (SMGs)

The most commonly used weapons in Enemy Territory are the SMGs. It's the only choice for Field Ops and Medics, and obviously you'll also see many Engineers using these. Maybe even the occasional Soldier. Each SMG has its own characteristics but in general there are a few tips you always should keep in mind when using one of these babies. As often as possible you should crouch or prone when firing. This greatly increases your accuracy and thus saves ammo by taking down your opponent faster than it otherwise would. Also, you should aim for the head. Headshots are wicked, and if you can land one or two of those your opponent will be calling for a medic before he knew what hit him.

Another useful thing to remember is to fire in bursts, make it a habit to fire like 5 shots, stop, and fire another 5 round. Also if you can avoid it, don't go anywhere without a full clip of ammo, after a fire fight reload so that your clip is full. If you have to reload in the middle of a hand to hand fight it might very well be the end of you. So the main thing to remember is: fire in burst, duck, reload and repeat.

Sten: The Sten is a silenced SMG available to the Covert Ops class, offering great accuracy and stealth. The weapon can overheat so you should be careful unless you want it to temporarily jam, but if you follow the tip of firing in burst this is a problem you will not notice! The Sten's great accuracy gives it an edge over most other weapons on medium to long distance range. Take your time and fire short rapid bursts to your enemy's head. Remember to crouch to increase the accuracy even further.

FG42: The FG42 is a weapon available to the Covert Ops. It's a sort of mix between a rifle and an SMG. It's a powerful gun with a slightly smaller clip size and a slightly slower fire rate compared to SMG's. This is however more than outweighed by the fact that it comes equipped with a scope for taking care of those enemies that pester you from afar. As always the clue is to crouch before you fire, and this is actually more crucial because you will use this weapon at long distances, and stray bullets are bound to happen unless you crouch or prone.

MP40 & Thompson: The Axis Standard Issue SMG available to Field Ops, Medics, Engineers and Soldiers is the MP40 and its Allied counterpart is the Thompson. These two weapons behave nearly identical when used. The MP40 is slightly more accurate than the Thompson but the Thompson compensates by delivering slightly more damage per bullet. Again; crouching, bursting and headshots are the key to success.


K43 & M1 Garand: Rifles pretty much behave the same regardless of whether you pick up the Axis K43 or the Allied M1 Garand. Rifles are available to each side's Covert Ops and Engineer class. The Covert Ops use these rifles as a sniper rifle with a powerful scope and a silencer. As a sniper weapon both rifles deliver a high damage output per round and gives the Covert Ops the ability to take out enemy players from far away. When you snipe you should try to stay behind as much cover as possible to minimize chance of detection by enemy snipers or others with long range weaponry. Going prone might be a good idea in order to get the best possible aim and smallest possible silhouette. Beware of the rather heavy recoil as it tends to mess up your aim after each shot. Due to the long distance, moving personnel will not be at the same spot when the bullet hits. Therefore, try to predict where they will be at the time of impact... usually just a little to the side of their head.

If equipped by an Engineer the rifles are no longer sniper rifles just ordinary rifles but with a rather interesting alternate fire. The Engineer can attach a grenade, "a rifle grenade", on the muzzle of the gun and lob it over a great distance for some hefty impact damage. This requires some practice though but with a good aim this is a nasty instant kill feature that should be looked out for. Tip: the rifle grenades need to travel some distance to blow up on impact, so it's not the best choice in close combat since they can be easily dodged before they detonate. Think of this as a mortar-light!
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