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Intro:Another excellent map, "Rail Gun" is set in a snowy train yard, and the only map in the group that casts the Axis in an offensive role. Arranged in a triangular layout with a bunker in the center, the Axis must guide a train along a track to a depot, load it with ammo, guide it back to their starting point, and then load the ammo into a massive railgun and fire it.

Like the tank from "Gold Rush," the train will move on its own once a player stands inside it ... except it will change directions depending on what team the player is on. As a result, the map plays out like a huge game of football, with both teams constantly pushing the train back and forth.

An MG42 nest overlooks the midpoint of the track, which also has a track switch that can raised or lowered by any player, either allowing the train to pass through ... or preventing its progress. The train depot features a spawn point that can be controlled by either team, and the central bunker contains health kits, ammo, and a command post.

Allies: At the start, it's all about the track switch. Build the MG42 nest ASAP and don't let that train through, no matter what.

- Mine the track switch. If someone drives the train up to the switch, kill them and drive it back. With enough soldiers, you should be able to cover this area pretty well and block Axis progress indefinitely.

- If the Axis somehow get through and load up the train, you're still in good shape … but you need to OWN the train depot. Your entire team should immediately collapse on the train depot and take the spawn point; from here, you can respawn right in front of the train and set up another solid defense. There's an MG42 nest to cover the two paths from the north, and planting mines will also help. there's also a catwalk to the southeast that can be used to ambush Axis that may try to go through the bunker to get to the train depot.

- And if the Axis somehow load up the train and take the train depot spawn point … just collapse back to the center point and don't let the Axis through. If you can hold each of these three positions for 10 minutes, you'll be OK.

- If all else fails, you can still destroy the gun controls and prevent the Axis from firing the rail gun. It's not easy, but if you can get your entire team to the rail gun, you may be able to delay things for a few minutes until time runs out.

Axis: You've got your work cut out for you. It can be very, very hard to break through the Allied defenses, and if they're strong enough, they may even collapse around your core spawn point.

- As in "Gold Rush," it's essential that you move as a team and focus on one objective at a time; it will be very hard for your team to get the train around the track if one group is fighting in the bunker, another is trying to take the train depot, and others are off doing who-knows-what. (Hey, we've seen guys camping at the Axis base protecting the gun controls; we're not sure what they're thinking.) Your first task should be to get to get the train through the track switch, which requires a combined effort, as the Allied spawn point is pretty close by. There are a few things you can do to help: destroy the hilltop MG42 nest with a rocket; use the bunker's MG42 to clear Allied soldiers from the stairs; have another soldier protect the main entrance to the bunker. Everyone else should escort the train; with enough of an escort, you should be able to raise the switch just as the train approaches.

- Once you're through the track switch, lower it ASAP. You haven't really achieved anything on this map until you've loaded the ammo onto the tug, so make the train gets to the depot OK. Half the Axis team should stick with the train, and the other half should set out to capture the train depot.

- After the ammo is loaded on the tug, it's time to head back. Repeat your initial assault on the track switch -- it will take everything you've got to break through, so don't get sidetracked worrying about anything else. Watch the train and make sure someone is there to raise the switch when it approaches.

- Once the train gets back to your yard, you'll need to load the ammo onto a second tug, load it into the railgun, and fire it. If the gun controls are busted, THIS is the time to fix them. Send everyone you have to the controls -- if the Allies have entrenched themselves, there's a tower in front of your base that you can use to snipe at them. Fix the controls, fire the gun and you win!
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Rail Gun Map Tactics
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